FreeCAD’s “Arch” Workbench: Bridging the Gap in the Linux (AEC) Design Tool-set

Trending approach to building design is known as Building Information Modeling/Management (BIM). As the term implies, 3-Dimensional Modelling is involved. Blender targets the CGI industry. Therefore, it is not suitable for this kind of modelling. Industry Standard BIM software are parametric providing GUI for adjusting building (AEC) object properties Architectural (Arch) Workbench aims to bridge via its host application (FreeCAD). FreeCAD is built on OpenCASCADE and is parametric. It also provides opportunity for extending its core via Python and C/C++ API. The Workbench is mostly experimental. This talk/paper explores some of the issues that are currently under consideration for the next release (0.14), evaluation of existing features, and development plans for the near future