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DialogueMaps: Creating Interactive Visualizations in learning or meeting contexts

At the University of Hamburg we initiate a new Open Source project called DialogueMaps. DialogueMaps is a web-based tool to edit, archive and present Interactive Visualizations in a collaborative setting (e. g. in seminars with group working or for presentations). On the LibreGraphics2014 we will articulate our idea: First, we want to describe our project goals (5 min). Further, we will present the software architecture of DialogueMaps (5 min), the using of 3rd party technologies in DialogueMaps, and the project infrastructure (5 min). In addition, we will take about our next step too reach a version 1.0 (5 min). After that we will show the application in a live demonstration. During the demonstration we will invite the podium to interact with us by using DialogueMaps too (10 min).